Why PerlBuzz?

We hear it all the time: "Is Perl still around? I thought that everyone moved on to (PHP, Ruby, whatever)"

In fact, Perl 5 is alive and kicking, and plenty of people are using it, creating new cool stuff all the time. There's constant activity, but it doesn't get as much mindshare as some of the newer sexy languages out there. That's a shame, and we're here to fix that.

Perl's crown jewel, the CPAN, a massive archive of over 10,000 freely available Perl modules, is thriving. Keeping track of what's available is daunting, so our CPAN Watch watches the CPAN so you don't have to.

Even between releases to the CPAN, dozens of Perl projects are humming with activity, and Project Hum tracks them.

The core Perl Buzz blog is a general news feed of information about the Perl world, and Perl-related projects. We pull in news from everywhere.

Your Perl Buzz editors Andy and Kirrily want to bring you news about what you care about, as well as some you didn't even know existed: Projects, sites, people, events... wherever the buzz is.

PerlBuzz won't be the only Perl blog you read, but we hope it will be the best.

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